Student Presentations from CMSC-491/691 Cybersecurity Research (INSuRE)

10:30 am –12:30 pm
Tuesday, December 20, 2022
ITE 229, UMBC (and via webex:


Students from Alan Sherman’s fall edition of CMSC-491/691 Cybersecurity Research (INSuRE) will present their research projects through talks and posters. In this project-based learning course, 18 students carried out original research projects, working collaboratively in three groups. Each group prepared a written report, poster, and presentation, guided in part by a technical director (TD) and other subject experts.

For more information about the INSuRE network of CAE-R universities, see their website ( ) and an article written by Sherman et al. ( IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine, July/August 2017, Vol. 15, Issue 4, pp. 72-78. ) The next UMBC edition of INSuRE will take place in fall 2024. (CAE-R = National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Research)

Group 1 (10:30am-11:10am): A Man-in-the-Middle Attack against the Registration Protocol in FIDO UAF
Jonathan Fuchs, Sophia Hamer, Danning Liu
TD: Edward Zieglar (NSA)

Group 2: (11:10am-11:50am): Detecting Outliers in Malware:
Analyzing Control Flow Graphs Using Machine Learning
Naod Assefa, Mason Herndon, Xavier Jenkins, Jack Kingsbury, Bojing (Tim) Li,
Alex Ruthloff, Joseph Shaalan, Brian Yi, Duo (Dora) Zhong

Group 3: (11:50am-12:30pm): Reconnaissance and Reverse Engineering:
A Case Study of the Cyberphysical Systems in the UMBC Academic Building ILSB
Zachary Amoss, Leo Brown, Kevin Chen, Will DeStaffan, Andrea Ferketich,
Brandon Hill, Kathleen Koerner
TD: Zachary Birnbaum (APL)


Alan T. Sherman,

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Support for this event was provided in part by the National Science Foundation under SFS grant DGE-1753681.

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