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On April 13, 2019, Erin, Dave, Ed, Alan, and Cyrus hiked to Annapolis Rock. (Left to Right)


On 10-15-2018 Scott, Enis, Alan, Cyrus and five friends & family hiked Sugarloaf Mountain (5.9 miles).


On 04-22-2018, Alan, Enis, and Ed hiked the 6.5-mile Maryland Heights.


On 10-15-17, Alan, Enis, and Ed hiked the 8.6-mile Catoctin Loop


CDL hike on Billy Goat Trail on 06-28-2017 by Dr. Arno Wacker, Ennis Golaszewski and Dr. Alan Sherman (left->right)





Professors Dr. Alan Sherman and Dr. Ron Rivest (MIT) helped the City of Takoma Park, Maryland setup the Scantegrity II voting system to elect the Mayor and City Council members.



SFS MC PGCC 20 Oct 2016: In a pioneering initiative funded by NSF, in fall 2016, UMBC extended SFS scholarship to students at Montgomery College and Prince George’s Community College who will transfer to UMBC to complete their four-year degrees.


CDX Cart, 2004: With NSA funding, Dr. Alan Sherman and his students John Simmons and Matthew Baker developed hands-on cyber defense exercises, which can be deployed in classrooms using a cart with 30 laptops.  Proceedings of the 2004 IEEE Workshop on Information Assurance and Security at West Point.


Ron Rivest (MIT) and David Chaum (Voting Systems Institute) and others in CDL getting ready for the 2011 Scantegrity II elections for Takoma Park