Fall 2020

Presentations of the UMBC INSuRE Research Projects from Fall 2020

INSuRE Research Groups

Intelligence Community Election Security 2020

David Imbordino, National Security Agency

BVOT: Self-Tallying Boardroom Voting with Oblivious Transfer

Farid Javani, UMBC

Secure Computation: From Theory to Practice

Jonathan Katz, University of Maryland, College Park

Anvil: A Platform for Hybrid-Permission Off-Chain Lightning Networks

Cyrus Jian Bonyadi, UMBC

Psychometric Evaluation of the Cybersecurity Concept Inventory 

Seth Poulsen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Using SMT Solvers to Automate Chosen-Ciphertext Attacks

Matt Green, Johns Hopkins University