Presentations of the UMBC INSuRE Research Projects from Fall 2020

Friday, December 18, 2020
remotely via WebEx:

A recording of the talk can be found here.


Identifying Browser Cryptominers Using a Complexity-Based Decision Process
Naomi Albert, Elias Enamorado, Benjamin Padgette, Anshika Patel
Technical Director: William J. La Cholter (APL)
UMBC Expert: Charles Nicholas

Meeting Mayhem: A Network Adversary Game
Richard Baldwin, Trenton Foster
Technical Director: Edward Zieglar (NSA)
UMBC Experts: Marc Olano, Linda Oliva

Formal Methods Analysis of the 5G AKA protocol, with Comparison to 4G AKA
Technical Director: Edward Zieglar (NSA)

Course Instructor: Alan T. Sherman


12:00-12:30pm Identifying Cryptominers
12:30-1:00pm Meeting Mayhem
1:00-1:30pm Analysis of 5G


See accompanying document.
URL to a paper about the INSuRE Project:


Alan T. Sherman,


Support for this event was provided in part by the National Science Foundation under SFS grant DGE-1753681.