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Core Team

University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), CAE-R, CAE-IAE, SFS:1

Dr. Alan T. Sherman (PI), Professor of Computer Science; Dr. Linda Oliva, Assistant Professor of Education; Dr. Dhananjay Phatak, Associate Professor of Computer Science; Akshayraj Kore and Geet Parekh, MS students in CS.

Dr. Sherman (PI) is a researcher and educator in cryptology. He has developed hands-on exercises for IA and a multiplayer computer game for teaching cybersecurity concepts to high school students. Dr. Oliva’s areas of expertise include testing and measurement, educational technologies, program evaluation, and secondary social studies. Dr. Phatak’s research areas include computer and network security. He has extensive experience teaching these subjects at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign , CAE-R, CAE-IAE, SFS:

Dr. Geoffrey Herman (CoPI), Severns Teaching Associate Professor, Computer Science

Dr. Herman (CoPI) studies student misconceptions in engineering topics such as digital logic and programming. His research has led to the creation and validation of the Digital Logic Concept Inventory (DLCI).

University of Minnesota – Duluth

Dr. Peter Peterson (Co-PI), Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science


List of cybersecurity experts participating in this project.