ARMR: From Idea to Commercialization

Russ Fink, Ph.D. (UMBC 2010)
Chief Engineer, Resilient Military Systems Group
The Johns Hopkins University / Applied Physics Laboratory

12:00pm (noon) – 1pm
Friday, November 4, 2022
Remotely via WebEx:

Recording of Talk


The Autonomous Resiliency / Machine Recovery (ARMR) system has been developed by APL since 2015, has recently identified a commercial licensee, and is just starting to roll out small pilot studies. In this talk, I will discuss the technology, timeline, and lessons learned about the challenges of innovating while continuing to make critical contributions to other projects in the cybersecurity defense of the nation.

About the Speaker:

Russell “Russ” Fink is the chief engineer of the Resilient Military Systems Group at JHU/APL. He is also an instructor in the JHU/Whiting School Engineering for Professionals program. His research interests include privacy-preserving information retrieval and homomorphic encryption, trusted computing, defeating ransomware, and general information security.



Alan T. Sherman,

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Support for this event was provided in part by the National Science Foundation under SFS grant DGE-1753681.

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