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Cloud Computing

Secure Cloud Computation

CISA members that worked in this area include F. John Krautheim.

Cloud Forensics

When investigating suspected crimes in and against Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing environments, forensic examiners are poorly equipped to deal with the technological and legal challenges. Because data in the cloud are remote, distributed, and elastic, these challenges include understanding the cloud environment, acquiring and analyzing data remotely, and visualizing changes in virtualized data. Today digital forensics for cloud computing is challenging at best. This thesis identifies important issues in this new field and develops new practical forensic tools and techniques to facilitate forensics exams in the cloud.

We are working to develop practical forensic tools and techniques to facilitate forensic examinations of the cloud. Forensics capabilities for cloud computing stand to impact cloud adoption on a global scale. Corporate decision makers, government policy makers, researchers, law enforcement and forensics examiners will be better able to evaluate the risks of cloud computing, to conduct forensic exams, and to guide future research and innovations as a result of this work.

For an example search warrant for IaaS cloud computing, see this page.

CISA members that work on this project include Josiah Dykstra and Alan T. Sherman.