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Cybersecurity Education

  • Cybersecurity Assessment Tools (CATS)
  • SFS Scholarship Program
  • CySP Scholarship Program


Protocol Analysis

  • A Virtual Protocol Analysis Lab (PAL)
  • Formal-Methods Analysis of Cryptographic Protocols
  • How Protocols Fail
  • MeetingMayhem


High-Integrity Voting

  • VoteX
  • Phrase-Verified Voting (PVV)
  • Low-Tech Boardroom Voting
  • BVOT: Boardroom Voting with Oblivious Transfer


Other Projects

  • A learning Unit on Quantum Algorithms
  • Shadow IT in Higher Education
  • Verifiable Randomness with Application to Voting
  • Applications of Oblivious Transfer


Selected Past Projects

  • Scantegrity
  • Punchscan
  • Trusted Platform Modules
  • Cloud Forensics
  • Security Empire