UMBC Center for Information Security and Assurance

Electronic Voting - CMSC 691/491-V

Course Description

Selected recent research topics in electronic voting systems, with special emphasis on threats and countermeasures. This course will study the security and privacy, reliability, verifiability, auditability, transparency, complexity, cost, and accessibility to the disabled of current, past, and future voting technologies. Modern technologies include those of Diebold, Sequoia, VoteHere, Populex, Scytl, Democracy Systems, MIT/CalTech, Ted Selker, and David Chaum. This course will also examine current standards, policies, and laws dealing with electronic voting. Required work includes carrying out and presenting an original research project.

Course Websites

  • Fall 2008 (Sherman)
  • Spring 2007 (Sherman)
  • Spring 2006 (Sherman)