UMBC Center for Information Security and Assurance

Security and Privacy in a Mobile Social World - CMSC 491

Course Description

This 3 credit course will cover the fundamentals of security, privacy and trust in emerging open, dynamic environments created by wireless networks, embedded/handheld/wearable computers, and web based social media and networks. We will look at several recent cases that illustrate the loss of security or privacy engendered by pervasive social computing. We will discuss both the technical and non-technical issues involved. Traditional technical approaches, which assume closed, physically protected networks and rely on authentication to establish authorization, do not work well in this environment. Policy and legislation, even those designed for the internet, have not kept up with this phenomenon and many social norms that constraint our real world behavior have no easy analogs in this brave, new, online world! We will study the issues involved, and the recent efforts from the research community in the area. While a text may be prescribed, most of the reading will be from papers. There will be writing assignments, and a significant group project that will have cross disciplinary teams.

Previous Offerings

  • Spring 2012 (Joshi)