UMBC Center for Information Security and Assurance

Introduction To Network Security - CMSC 487/687

Course Description

The objective of this course is to teach the fundamental concepts, architectures, and protocols related to network security. Topics covered include: Overview of network security; Basics of cryptography; Threat models; Authentication and Authorization Mechanisms and Standards; Public Key Infrastructure; Electronic Mail Security; Network Layer Security; Transport layer and web security; Packet filtering; Firewalls; Intrusion Detection, and Virtual Private Networks; Recent topics in Network Security.

Prerequisites: CMSC 421 AND CMSC 481

Previous Offerings

  • Spring 2011 (Sidhu)
  • Spring 2010 (Parker) (Syllabus)
  • Spring 2009 (Sidhu)
  • Spring 2008 (Sidhu)
  • Summer 2007 (Copeland)
  • Spring 2007 (Sidhu)
  • Spring 2006 (Phatak)
  • Spring 2005 (Sivalingam)